Integrated Solutions for Zoos and Aquariums|Water Parks|Touristic Attractions|Beach Clubs

At Ranatick we’ve been developing and selling integrated solutions for more than 10 years, with the aim of accelerating our customers’ system digitalisation, implementing products both innovative and focused on simplicity and usability.

A single modular platform taking care of all sides of your business

Every business is unique in its own way, and needs digital solutions that can take care its specific requirements. This concept is what drives us in building and extending Ranatick, one platform with an increasing number of modules, each of which addresses a particular side of a business. No matter your business is in need of an online shop, a physical ticket office, a map-enabled online selling solution, a CRM, a parking lot management system, a store management solution, we got you covered. And leveraging on the modular nature of our platform, we’re ready to address the needs that you are not yet aware of having, driving up-selling and cross-selling to make your business even more successful.

Channel Manager for Touristic Attractions

A modern touristic attraction offering is nowadays distributed on different portals, allowing to reach different targets that otherwise would result too expensive to reach and with a process too hard to handle. Ranatick developed a Channel Manager which allows the simultaneous sale on multiple channels of the same service, in attractions with limited availability too, preventing overbooking and putting in competition every last spot on all of the channels, maximising the possibility of having fully booked attractions.

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